Request of Ice Merchant - Freya Story Quest 1

This one-time quest is the second in a series of access quests for the Ice Queen Raide. It is a prerequisite for this quest that you have done the lvl 53 quest "The Other Side of Truth" from Ice Merchant Rafforty in the center of the Frozen Labyrinth. Then, when you are lvl 82, return to Rafforty. All the following quests start with the Ice Merchant; his cabin is a teleport destination from Schuttgart.

Rafforty still remembers the Piece of Tablet and the Report Piece you recovered from the ice statues and which provided valuable intelligence. If you ask Rafforty what it actually was that was written in the coded report, he will ask you to swear loyalty to the Zinnia guild, an association of former bodyguards that only very few people know about.

When you swear that you will continue to support and obey the Zinnia Guild, he will tell you that the intelligence you brought back at the time concerned a method to seal up Ice Queen Freya. For that however, a Sacred Sword of Seal is required, the location of which is so far unknown. Rafforty will ask you to visit the frozen Kierre and see whether you can get from there any clue about such a Sacred Sword.

As you will remember from "The Other Side of Truth", you have to take the southern exit from the Ice Merchant Cabin, then turn to the right before the bridge:

Searching the ground around Kierre you will not find a Sacred Sword of Seal, not even any trace of a common sword. While in earlier versions the player had to make a trip to the four Ice Scultures that everybody will remember from the first quest, now Jinia, the leader of the Zinnnia guild, appears after a short time directly near Kierre.

Since Jinia does not know you, she asks who you are that you are poking around near the frozen Kierre. Tell her that you came at the request of Ice Merchant Rafforty to look for the Sacred Sword of Seal. She will believe you and reward you for your efforts with 190,000 adena, 627,000 exp as well as 50,300 SP. Then Jinia tells you to return to Rafforty where you can pick up the next quest in the series, "Acquisition of Divine Sword".

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