The Other Side of Truth - 1st quest to defy queen of Ice

1) This one-time quest can be picked up at lvl 53 from Rafforty at the Ice Merchant Cabin in the center of the Frozen Labyrinth. This is the teleportation arrival point for the Frozen Labyrinth from Schuttgart. Doing this quest is necessary for getting item rewards and Silver Hemocytes from "An Ice Merchant's Dream" (otherwise you will just get an adena reward from that quest), and it is also the first of the access quests for the Ice Queen raid.

When you talk to Rafforty, he asks you somewhat out of context whether you could go meet a woman named Misa on Frost Lake at night.

2) Misa can be found on a slab of ice in the middle of the lake, but she only spawns at in-game night time (12:00~06:00). You can reach her by taking the western exit from the Ice Merchant Cabin until you get to the bridge, then making your way northwards along the river on the Frozen Labyrinth bank. Misa will give you a letter to pass on to Rafforty.

3) When you return to Rafforty he asks full of suspicion whether you really looked at the letter or not. Make sure to pick "ARE YOU DOUBTING ME?" The rest doesn't matter.

If you had chosen "I'm sorry my curiosity got the better of me" the quest ENDS right there and then. As in you have to start all over. So don't do that.

4) Back at Misa (remember, she only spawns at night), she asks you to find out what happened to other members of their party.

5) There will be a group of Ice Sculptures near but note quite at the Ice Queen's Castle. To reach them you must return to the Ice Merchant Cabin and take the northern exit from there. Take a right turn after the third Yeti (if you walked straight on you would arrive at Freya's Steward), past the fourth Yeti, and then on a bluff to the left.

Talk to each one of the Ice Sculptures until you find out where Kierre is. A Suspicious Man will also spawn but he despawns so fast you barely see him. You should also get a Piece of Tablet, make sure you have one.

6) Kierre is another ice sculpture found south of Frost Lake. To reach it you must return to the Ice Merchant Cabin, then take the southern exit from there. When you reach the bridge, make your way northwards along the river, taking care to avoid the aggressive Pantheras and Lost Gargoyle Younglings. Kierre is north of those monsters and you can speak to him in safety. You will get a report while the Suspicious Man shows up again and then vanishes.

7) After you have returned to Rafforty, the Ice Merchant asks you to wait but just talk to him again, and if you got a Piece of Tablet already give it to him. You will be rewarded with 115,673 adena, 493,595 exp and 40,442 sp.

When you are lvl 82 you can now pick up the next quest in the series, "The Ice Merchant's Commission".

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